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TYPHON Machinery is your trusted supplier of heavy equipment and machinery based in the USA whose purpose is to help businesses, contractors and entrepreneurs build reliable infrastructure that will last for generations to come.

By harnessing our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and reliable partnerships, we are able to provide a wide range of heavy equipment & machinery that will never disappoint in terms of toughness, reliability and performance.

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Get your business off to a great start by purchasing important road construction equipment. From motor graders to dump trucks, there is a range of machines that you’ll find at TYPHON. To tap into opportunities in construction and agricultural sectors , business owners, main contractors and sub-contractors need to harness durable and affordable heavy equipment backed by an effective 3S distributorship (covering machinery sales, after-sales service and spares.)

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Designed for Small Projects: The TYPHON excavator was specially engineered for small construction projects, featuring a compact but reliable design that ensures easy maneuverability in small areas, including farms, gardens, public spaces, parks, orchards, farms, and more!

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